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Your Little City of Wine

The importance of keeping your wine in a temperature and humidity

controlled environment can't be stressed enough.

However, keeping it in a fun environment 
like WineVille keeps your wine happy and ready to enjoy at a future date.

Why join?


Choose a residence and become part of the Wineville community where people look after each other, share and learn with like-minded wine-loving fun individuals to create the perfect community and residence for your precious wine and for yourself! 

The following units are available to Choose from:

  • 1 case 

  • 8 case 

  • 16 case

Walk in "condos" - Various Sizes -  can be combined/customized to have extra large spaces

In addition to keeping your wine collection in the perfect safe environment, as a "citizen" of Wineville  you will be invited to our twice a month Wine Wednesday events, where each citizen and club members bring a bottle to share with their fellow Wineville members.  

It's our goal at Salud! to create a fun, welcoming atmosphere that will enhance every ones love of wine, while building up the local wine community.  As well as creating a fun group of wine lovers that can enjoy each others company and of course indulge in tasting, drinking and sharing amazing wine.

For More Information, or to schedule your Tour - simply fill out the following form:

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