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Giatti's Speakeasy

Open Wednesday & Thursday 5 - 10, Friday & Saturday 5 - 11


Welcome to Giatti’s Speakeasy 🥂

Step into a world of mystery, intrigue, and exquisite libations at Giatti’s Speakeasy. Nestled in the back of Salud Italian Dining, our clandestine establishment invites you to relax and enjoy the evening festivities.

What Awaits You:

🔸 Secret Entrance: Enter our phone booth and pick up the phone that dials straight to our bartender.  Once answered pass along the days secret password to gain entrance. (password is retrieved from the Salud Italian Dining staff)

🔸 Crafted Cocktails: Our bartenders weave magic with each pour. Sip on classic concoctions like the famous Manhattan or let us surprise you with a bespoke creation from our menu.

🔸 Live Music: The sultry notes of saxophones and tinkling piano keys fill the air on most Saturday nights. Our live performances take you away to a night of fun, romance and toe tappin'.

🔸 Ambiance: Low lights dim the room, belly up to the bar or find a table, the choice is yours.


🎶 Friday Karaoke: Choose from an extensive library of hits spanning genres and eras. From power ballads to dance anthems, there’s a song for every soul.  Fun to join in and fun to listen in.

🎭 : Game Nights: Enjoy a night of Family Feud, either as contestants or looking on - you'll be sure to laugh.  Other game nights fill the room on Wednesdays.  Check our event calendar.

Private Reservations:

Giatti’s Speakeasy is the perfect venue for private gatherings, celebrations, and corporate events. Contact us to unlock the secrets of exclusivity.

Join us at Giatti’s Speakeasy, where whispers linger, and memories are made. 🌟🎩🍸

Whiskey Blood Orange Sour
Amy's Special
flaming smores
lemon drop

Classic Cocktails

These libations have stood the test of time, gracing cocktail menus across the globe. Here are a few iconic ones:

  1. Manhattan:

  2. Negroni:

  3. Martini:

  4. The Lemon Drop:

    • The Lemon Drop first graced cocktail menus in San Francisco during the 1970s, courtesy of its inventor, Norman Jay Hobday. An out-of-work Vietnam vet turned saloon owner, Hobday not only birthed this libation but also pioneered the concept of the fern bar—a fusion of house plants, Tiffany lamps, and upwardly mobile urbanites. Both the Lemon Drop and fern bars became instant hits, captivating generations of bar patrons.

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