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Welcome to the Salud Online Auction and Chat Page.  Currently we are auctioning off this extremely gracious donation from one of our members, with all proceeds going to the:

"Keep Salud Open until the Quarantine is Lifted" Fund.


The Current Auction is this beautiful lineup of Reds from the Blackbird Winery in Napa. 

One bottle of the 2013 Contrarian, 2013 Illustration, & 2013 Paramour 


If you've ever been able to enjoy the wines from Blackbird you know just how special these are.  All Bordeaux style blends, each with a distinct flavor of their own.  These 3 wines are valued at over $115 each (retail value $345.00 for the set). 


An amazing addition to your collection, or for a special evening with friends and family, celebrating anything!

Auction will  run through Saturday, May 9 at 7 pm  Thank you for your participation.  Enter your bid below - Any on premise bids will be entered by Admin.  Winning bid will be high Bid at time of Close.   

Check back frequently to "up" your bid.

Click on any Bottle to learn more about each wine

blackbird contrarian 213.jpg
blackbird illustration 2013.png
Blackbird paramour 2013.jpg
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